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MRidium IV Infusion


HICO-VARIOTHERM 555 is the allrounder among the hypo-/hyperthermia systems and appreciated for its reliable warming and cooling of patients in intensive care units and operating rooms. Featuring a water temperature range of 5 to 40 °C, this system covers all areas of application.

iMagox SpO2 Monitor

iMagox™ 2460 MRI SpO2 Monitor

iMagox™ is designed from the ground up to work in the MRI and deliver safe, reliable patient readings. Intended for use in MRIs with magnet strength from 0.2T to 3T, and is completely operational up to the 10,000 Gauss line.



Bovie® introduces the new Colpo-Master™ line, a perfect addition to the already popular line of gynecologic products. The line of colposcopes offers superior, 3D, stereoscopic viewing with excellent clarity during gynecologic procedures where millimeters matter. The scopes are available with consistent and dependable zoom range including simple 3 point magnification (3.75x, 7.5x and 15x) or continuous zoom 4 – 27x magnification. For the EMR ready facility the Colpo-Master™ line is available with Trinocular camera-ready heads to provide quick and easy visual records of treatment.




  • • Perfect match for trolleys and MICU’s
  • • Shock resistant and anti-flame
  • • Display Resolution: High Resolution Color LCD 5.7″
  • • Weight: 9.48 lbs / 4.3 Kg
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  • • ECG tracing in LCD display
  • • Messages and command through text and voice
  • • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • • Set of Disposable pads
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  • • The lightest! ONLY 8.82 lbs / 4 Kg
  • • Innovative Multiple angle flip down display.
  • • Easy access to connectors
  • • High Resolution Color LCD Flip down 7.2″ display
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    Ferroguard Screener

    Ferroguard Screener

    Only Ferroguard Screener uses Fluxgate sensors, making it the most sensitive FMD available. Ferroguard Screener’s minimum detectable magnetic signal is 80pTesla (0.8µGauss). Despite its compact design, Ferroguard Screener is super-sensitive to smaller risk-items all the way from the top-of- the-head to the tip-of- the-toes of the tallest patient.

    Iradimed MRI Monitor

    Ferroguard Assure

    Ferroguard Assure is always on, always detecting. With other FMDs, design-limitation detection gaps may allow significant risk items to pass undetected into Zone IV. With Ferroguard Assure there will be no sensor activation delays on door opening, no slow-reset delay following an alert. Always on, always detecting, always ready for those few seconds when your safety depends on it.

    Veineye Imaging


    The Vein-Eye™ is a hands-free solution that offers superior images of the vein, even in the most difficult patients. The Vein-Eye™ provides real-time video of sub-dermal veins and displays a "runway" image, necessary for IV placements.

    MRidium IV Infusion

    High Frequency Desiccator

    The Bovie® 3-Button Handpiece – Better By Design, Inside And Out

    The basic function of a 3-button handpiece is to allow the user to control power up/down and to activate the high frequency desiccator. The Aaron® 940 has a technology advantage right in the handpiece: a superbly engineered collet that’s even gold plated for superior conductivity. The collet is attached to our circuit board and the entire handpiece is encapsulated and formed in a high tech polymer that combines comfort for you with a sure grip. The buttons on the handpiece have been designed for superior tactile feel and comfort. Finally, it’s autoclavable so you can have sterility when you need it, and an easy to clean and durable handpiece all the way around.

    Veineye Imaging

    Dermatology Cryo Systems

    Through its multi direction triggering mechanism, the choice of the dermatologists, can also be handled comfortably with the left hand.There are many spraying and contacting probe options to choose from.

    Suction Shield

    Suction Shiled

    Both brilliantly simple and highly innovative, SuctionShield is a disposable, lightweight holster that quickly and easily attaches to virtually any horizontal surface to hold a Yankauer suction tip -– isolating suction implements and reducing cross contamination and pathogen transmission. The disposable, single-patient-use-product means no more oral suction tips placed under pillows, in bedding, on tray tables, or draped wherever they happen to land. When used suction tips, which are covered with secretions, touch any surface they create biofilms promoting cross-contamination. Every time a used suction tip is contained in a SuctionShield, cross-contamination is reduced helping improve patient care.

    The SuctionShield is designed for use in surgery, ICUs, and emergency departments as well as PACU, Cath labs and GI labs, anywhere oral suction is used.