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We are the leading provider of healthcare solutions with years of experience helping medical professionals to find innovative and comprehensive solutions

Aspen is your right choice for all type of health care products. See our services

IRadimed™ USA

World leaders in MR Compatible infusion & syringe pumps and Non-Magnetic patient monitors!


Ferroguard is the manufacturer of World's best Ferro-Magnetic Detection (FMD) systems for MRI

Bovie Medical®

Bovie Medical today is a leading maker of electro-surgery, colposcopes, cryo surgery equipments

Hirtz & Co.®

Medical-Technical Expertise in Patient Temperature Management, Ultrasonic Nebulisers Etc, for more than 70 years!

MRI SpO2 Monitor

iMagox™ 2460 MRI SpO2 Monitor

iMagox™ is designed from the ground up to work in the MRI and deliver safe, reliable patient readings. Intended for use in MRIs with magnet strength from 0.2T to 3T, and is completely operational up to the 10,000 Gauss line.



The Colpo-Master™ I is perfect for the GYN performing both exams and procedures. The swing-arm design allows easy access to the vaginal canal during procedure aiding procedure efficiency.

Cryo Systems

Dermatology Cryo Systems

Through its multi direction triggering mechanism, the choice of the dermatologists, can also be handled comfortably with the left hand.There are many spraying and contacting probe options to choose from.

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